Policies + FAQ

What is SMEEKS?

SMEEKS is a brand-new boutique home fragrance and bath + body brand founded in 2020. 

We currently offer wax melts and will be launching our bath + body line in 2021.

All of our products are handcrafted in small batches using only the best ingredients.

What are wax melts?

Wax melts are a wickless + smokeless home fragrance alternative to traditional candles. 

You place your wax in a warmer and it releases it's fragrance as it melts. 

When the wax loses it fragrance (typically 24-48 hours) you remove it and replace it with a new piece!

What type of wax are your melts?

We currently use a 100% vegetable-based vegan-friendly soy blend wax. 

Does your wax contain phlalates?

We want to create the safest wax possible for ourselves and our customers so we only use phlalate-free fragrance oils.

How much do I use?

This is a personal decision but most people use about 1 - 1/2 oz of wax in a standard-sized warmer.

Wax shapes such as "donuts", can be cut up into pieces which allows you to use just the right amount for you. 

TIP: If the wax is especially hard, you can microwave it in VERY small intervals of 5-10 seconds each to soften it and make it easier to cut. Caution: NEVER leave your wax unattended while it's in the microwave to avoid it being forgotten in a long cooking cycle and accidentally catching on fire.

What type of wax warmer should I use?

This is a largely personal choice. We have found that hotplate warmers, of at least 20 watts, work best for quick and strong scent throw. Bulb warmers and tealight warmers work well also. 

What is scent throw?

Scent throw refers to how strong of a smell that a wax melt or candle produces. 

All of our wax melts contain the maximum amount of fragrance oil and are considered "highly scented". Please understand however that things such as room size and humidity can affect it's performance. Wax throws scent best away from windows, vents, stairs, and air conditioning. Also, please understand that certain scents have a stronger scent throw than others. Citrus, for example, is typically a strong scent thrower. 

Do I need to let my wax cure?

All of our wax arrives ready-to-melt. Most scented wax gets stronger as time goes on, assuming it's properly stored. 

Please store your wax, tightly closed in the polypropylene packaging that it arrives in and away from sunlight and heat sources. Never store your wax in Polyethylene (typical Ziploc-type food storage bags) as these will leach the scent from your wax.

TIP: Wax can also be stored in tightly sealed mason jars for a fun way to organize and display your stash!

What is your turnaround time (TAT)?

Currently, our turnaround time for orders is 1-4 days, not including shipping time. 

How does your shipping work?

We currently charge a flat rate shipping rate of $8.95, with orders over $100 receiving FREE SHIPPING. At this time we do not refund shipping overages.

You should receive a shipping confirmation & tracking number when your order ships. If you do not receive one within 4 days after you place your order, please check your email's spam folder. If you still don't see one, please email us at: Hello@Smeeks.com so that we can look into your order right away. 

Please know that once your order is placed, we cannot change your shipping address so please double-check it before finalizing your order. If you need to make a change, please contact us right away so we can try to cancel your order. Please understand, we can not be responsible for the postage or lost items sent to an incorrect address.

If a package, sent to the correct address, does go missing with the USPS, please contact us so we can look into it and open an insurance claim.

If your package arrives damaged, please take very clear photos of the damage and contact us right away so that we may file an insurance claim.

At this time we do NOT ship international orders. We hope to change that in the near future!

Do you combine orders?

We would be happy to combine orders placed within 24 hours of each other. We will refund the shipping charges on the additional orders. 

Please leave a note in the notes section of the shopping cart so that we can look out for and combine the sister orders.

Can I make changes to my order?

At this time we cannot accommodate changes to an order once it's been placed. Please double-check your order before it's finalized. 

If you've missed adding an item, please see section above, we would be happy to combine your orders.

How often do you restock?

We are currently doing a restock every 3-4 weeks of ready-to-ship (RTS) items.

Do you do customs?

We would LOVE to do customs for you! 

Please reach out to us at: Hello@Smeeks.com and we can discuss your requests.

Do you do refunds?

Due to the nature of our product, we do not offer refunds or exchanges. 

Destash groups are easily found on Facebook and are a great way to resell scents that you may find that you don't care for as much.


Any other questions or concerns can be directed to our email at: Hello@Smeeks.com and we will get back to you right away!

Thanks for your interest in Smeeks, we hope that you enjoy our products just as much as we do!